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Learn to Trade with Jonee

29 Comprehensive videos on how to become a Master Trader!

Are you a newbie trader still strugling to make consistent profits in the markets? If you are into Forex, Cryptocurrency, Stock indices or Commodities trading and have blown several accounts while trying to learn how to trade, then I feel your pain.  I have been there myself.  

It's tough to see your hard-earned money get lost due to bad trades.  If you've tried so many things out there from watching Youtube videos, purchasing an EA or robot to trade for you, and even signed up for an expensive signals provider but none of that worked, then I believe this is the right program for you.

I have put together a complete program from my 15-year experience as a trader and Certified Capital Markets and Securities Analyst to help turn you into a profitable master trader. 

Course Highlights

  • Learn Risk Management (The most important part of trading) 

  • Correct Trading Mindset

  • My Very Own Profitable Trade Strategy

  • How to do Technical Analysis

  • How to Build a Trading Portfolio

  • Live and Guided Trading Sessions

  • BONUS:  3 months of free consultation

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Jonee's program provided me with everything I needed to make it in the FX Market.  I now have an extra source of income!

~ Janet Lim

   Makati, Philippines

I really thank Jonee for helping me pass the FTMO challenge this year.  The funding program is a great help, specially for people like me with limited funding capabilities.  I can now earn an average of $2,000 a month! Big help during the pandemic...

~ Mark Willcot

   Florida, USA

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